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2018 May

We invite you to the conference Perspectives on Art: (i) Art, Education and Democracy (ii) Art and Identity.

The conference will be held from 2. till 3. May 2018.

See the program here.


2017 October
We invite you to a promotion of the book “Perspectives on the Self“, Boran Berčić (ed.), Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, 2017 that will be held on Thursday 30.11.2017 at 18h at the bookstore “Bogdan Ogrizović”, address: Preradovićeva 5, 10000 Zagreb.

Prof. dr. sc. Filip Grgić, director of the Institute of Philosophy in Zagreb
Dr. sc. Dušan Dožudić, (Institute of Philosophy, Zagreb)
Prof. dr. sc. Boran Berčić, (University of Rijeka)

See the invitation here.

2017 August

Cover: Cathedral of St. James in Šibenik

Berčić, B. (ed.) Perspectives on the Self. University of Rijeka 2017.

Can we upload ourselves to computers? Are our iPhones and Notebooks parts of us? Why is Know thyself! still a good advice? What did the logical positivists think about the Cogito? Why did the Buddha argued that the self does not exist? Did the Ancients have a notion of subjectivity? What does it mean to put oneself in someone else’s shoes? Should we feel sorry for those who have never been born? In what sense does Emma Bovary exist? What counts as a good answer to the question “Who am I?”

In this collection of articles an international team of seventeen authors raise and answer these and many other interesting questions about the self and related matters.



Eric T. Olson,  Miljana Milojević,  Zdenka Brzović,  Nenad Miščević,

Luca Malatesti,  Boran Berčić,  Ljudevit Hanžek,  Goran Kardaš,

Ana Gavran Miloš, Matej Sušnik,  Filip Čeč,  Marko Jurjako,  Marin Biondić,

Iris Vidmar, Marta Ujvari,  Arto Mutanen,  Takashi Yagisawa


Introduction: Editor’s Overview  BORAN BERČIĆ


  1. The Central Dogma of Transhumanism ERIC T. OLSON
  2. Embodied and Extended Self MILJANA MILOJEVIĆ
  3. The Immunological Self ZDENKA BRZOVIĆ


  1. The Value of Self-Knowledge NENAD MIŠČEVIĆ
  2. The Self-ascription of Conscious Experiences LUCA MALATESTI


  1. The Logical Positivists on the Self BORAN BERČIĆ
  2. Brentano on Self-Consciousness LJUDEVIT HANŽEK
  3. The No-Self View in Buddhist Philosophy GORAN KARDAŠ
  4. The Self in Ancient Philosophy ANA GAVRAN MILOŠ


  1. Ideal Self in Non-Ideal Circumstances MATEJ SUŠNIK
  2. The Disappearing Agent FILIP ČEČ
  3. Memory, Agency and Identity MARKO JURJAKO


  1. On Never Been Born MARIN BIONDIĆ
  2. Fictional Characters IRIS VIDMAR


  1. Haecceity Today and with Duns Scotus MARTA UJVARI
  2. Who am I? ARTO MUTANEN
  3. Meta-Representational Me TAKASHI YAGISAWA

7.6.2017. Filip Čeč “Should an Event Causal Libertarian Settle a Torn Decision?”

7.6.2017. Boran Berčić “Are There Nations?”

9.6.2017. Marin Biondić “Value Judgments about Causing to Exist and Never Coming into Existence – Who are we Talking About?”

Venue: Inter University Center, Dubrovnik (Croatia)

30.3.2017. Boran Berčić “Logical positivists on the Cogito

Venue: Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Split, (Croatia)

31.10.2016. Marko Jurjako defended his doctoral thesis entitled ”Reasons: A Naturalistic Explanation”
Committee: Boran Berčić, Nenad Miščević, Matej Sušnik

Venue: Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Sveučilišna avenija 4

Invitation to a talk by Zdenka Brzović

Monday, 03.10.2016. The biological self

Venue: Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Rijeka, 4th floor.

The talk will start around 12:45.

Invitation to a talk by Arto Mutanen (National Defence University, Helsinki, Finland) entitled “About Personal Identity

Tuesday, 4.10.2016., 12:30-14.00

Venue: Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, room 401

Invitation to a talk by Arto Mutanen (National Defence University, Helsinki, Finland) entitled “Some Problems of Identity

Monday 3.10.2016., from 11.00 to 12:30.

Venue: Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, room 401

We invite all to participate at a conference organized by the project “Identity” that will be held at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Rijeka 31.03.-01.04.2016.

Keynote speaker will be professor Eric Olson (University of Sheffield)

See conference program here.

See paper abstracts here.

Collaborator on the project Marin Biondić has recently published a book entitled “Smrt: priroda i vrijednost prenatalnog i postmortalnog nepostojanja” (Death: nature and value of prenatal and post-mortal non-existence)

Congratulations Marin!

Front cover:
Front cover: “The dance of the dead” by Vincent from Kastav



The book is in Croatian and is published by Ibis grafika. See here.