The research plan

(i) The research goals are the systematization and explication of criteria of numerical identity and application of these criteria to particular cases. This application is not trivial because it is possible that different kinds of entities have different criteria of identity. Of course, if they have common identity criteria then we expect that the results of their application will converge.

(ii) The research agenda for the next three years:
Fellows in the project have formed a working group that have regular meetings. Fellows present their work in progress and thereby test their ideas and inform other fellows collaborators in the project of the current topics in their fields of research.
In the first two years, the project activities will be directed towards individual research and publication. In the second year, we will organize an international symposium on the contemporary topics in the philosophy of identity. At the end of the third project year, the plan is to publish a collection of papers that will cover major topics in the philosophy of identity.

(iii) We use common methods of conceptual analysis in our research. This includes stating the necessary and sufficient conditions and searching for counterexamples. Depending on the opportunities, we also use the techniques of the so-called experimental philosophy, that is, we test relevant intuitions of the general population.

(iv) The expected results:
The research in this project should lead to the publication of articles in domestic and international journals, the publication of the collection of papers or a book, and organization of an international symposium on the topics of the philosophy of identity. In addition, work on this project should enable young fellows to progress as independent researchers, it should provide them with the needed self-confidence, and working in the project will enable them to meet colleagues from abroad that work in the same area.

(v) We expect that the research in the project will contribute to the scientific promotion of the Department of philosophy in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, and the University of Rijeka in general.