2.-3. 5.2018. Conference Perspectives on Art: (i) Art, Education and Democracy (ii) Art and Identity, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Rijeka

  •  Boran Berčić (University of Rijeka) – Transworld express

15-17.9. 2016. ConferenceSociety for the Metaphysics of Science (2nd Annual Conference), University of Geneva, Switzerland

  • Zdenka Brzović (University of Rijeka) – Natural Kinds: Toning down the Realist Hype

15-17.9. 2016. Conference: Swiss Society of Philosophy “LA PHILOSOPHIE ET SON HISTOIRE“, University of Geneva, Switzerland

  • Ana Gavran Miloš (University of Rijeka) – Analytic Philosophy vs. History of Philosophy: Together We Stand, Divided We Fail?

6.6.-10.6.2016. Conference: Ethical Issues: Theoretical and Applied (Program), Bled (Slovenia)

  • Filip Čeč (University of Rijeka) – Moral Agency, Identification, and the Capacity for Mental Time Travel
  • Nenad Miščević (University of Maribor, CEU) – Can We Live without Thought Experiments?

31.03.-01.04.2016. Philosophy conference: The Self (Program)

  • Boran Berčić (University of Rijeka) Logical Positivists on the Self
  • Ana Gavran Miloš (University of Rijeka) Self in Ancient Philosophy
  • Takashi Yagisawa (California State Univeristy, Northridge) Metarepresentaional Me
  • Matej Sušnik (University of Rijeka) Ideal Self in Non-Ideal Circumstances
  • Marin Biondić (University of Rijeka) Value Judgments of Causing to Exist and Never Come to Existence-About Whom We Talk
  • Nenad Miščević (University of Maribor, Central European University) The Value of Self-Knowledge
  • Luca Malatesti (University of Rijeka) Identification and Self-Knowledge

24.-25.11. 2015: Thought Experiments between Nature and Society: Nenad’s 65 (Program)

    • Boran Berčić (University of Rijeka) Are Nations Social Constructs?

Event in May 2015: Philosophy, society and the sciences 17th Edition of the International Conference Contemporary Philosophical Issues (program)

      • Boran Berčić (University of Rijeka) On the active subject in Croatian philosophy

Event in March 2015: Two day international conference: Jonathan Glover on Psychiatry, War and Morality

      • Boran Berčić (University of Rijeka)  National identity

Event in August 2014: ECAP 8 (Bucharest) – Eighth European Congress of Analytic Philosophy

      • Marko Jurjako (University of Rijeka) Methodological naturalism and the identity of practical reasons


Event in April 2014: The 1st Belgrade University Graduate Conference in Philosophy Conference program

      • Marko Jurjako (University of Rijeka) Methodological naturalism and the identity of practical reasons

Novi Poster

One-day symposium dedicated to Eric Olson

      • Boran Berčić (University of Rijeka) Primitive identity

Invitation to a one-day symposium dedicated to Stephen Burwood